OPRA Regional Training on Customer Service Featuring Jo Burns


Posted on 06/21/2024
Customer Service is all about helping people.  Whether it's the good times or the not so good.  We've all been there...those awkward moments.  These are opportunities to truly connect, listen, and have a conversation with someone, but what do you say?  Most of our customer service conversations revolve around sharing information: class times, how to sign up, share why the pool is closed, how much is a punch card...you get the idea.  What if we look at them as opportunities to start a relationship?

During the pandemic, we pivoted to having flat screen engagement.  It's a remarkable tool, yet our social aptitude and connections have suffered for it.  It's hard to get the full picture of people when you can only see from the shoulders up or barely make eye contact.  In this workshop, we're going to dig deep and get to the heart of listening, how to ask better questions, how to use our non-verbal skills to help patrons feel more welcome, and how to read their non-verbal skills (it works with colleagues, too).  We're going to put our skills in action, use some real-life scenarios, and have some fun. 

Come engage in and learn guaranteed techniques to get a connection started, improve your listening skills, identify non-verbal cues, and lay a foundation for genuine relationships with customers and colleagues.

December 4, 2024
Voice of America Park, Ronald Reagan Lodge
MetroParks of Butler County
7850 VOA Park Drive
West Chester, OH  45069

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December 5, 2024
Buffalo Creek Retreat
Medina County Park District
8708 Hubbard Valley Rd.
Seville, OH  44273

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December 6, 2024
Dublin Community Recreation Center
City of Dublin
5600 Post Road
Dublin, OH  43017

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